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LaBella Group
BEEM Spectroscopy Fitter
Finds spectra threshold (Schottky barrier height) and amplitude according to the simplified BEEM model
where φb is the Schottky barrier height, A is the amplitude, and n is the fitting exponent, typically 2 or 2.5 for forward BEEM and 4 or 4.5 for reverse BEEM.
Step 1: Upload BEEM Spectra

Upload spectra as a two column CSV data in the following format:
Column 1: Tip Bias
Column 2: Transmission
Select units in form below for both tip bias and beem current. Enter the tip current used to collect the spectra.

CSV Data
Paste in your data.
Tip Bias Units:
BEEM Current Units:
Tip Current (nA)

Plots are generated using GLE. Source files and data files of the plots can be downloaded, edited, and run through GLE to produce the figures. Special thanks to the National Science Foundation and the Semiconductor Research Corporation for their generous support of this work.